I’m Heather. I’m a San Francisco native, New England transplant. I love quiet kitchen mornings, swimming in the cold Pacific waters, and all things baked and dipped in sugar. I live for small, peaceful moments, and the thrill of running harder and skiing faster.

I’m currently the graphic designer at The Food Project, a Boston-based non-profit creating sustainable, community-based, and community-controlled food systems. Prior to that, I’ve worked as a food photographer and freelance food writer. Like my work, my kitchen tries to capture the best of the season. Thank you so much for reading, whether you’re family or someone I have never met!

You can check out some of my other work at Civil Eats and Poor Taste San Francisco. You can also check out my street-food and market photography in Athens and Barcelona at Culinary Backstreets.

Questions? Send me an email at hphammel@gmail.com

“On est bien obligé de s’aimer sans le savoir.”

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